Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 2015 : 3 Things I Learned

June was a very creative month for me.  I had a few break throughs in my sketchbook and started using watercolors again (which I love).

Lesson #1:  Planning time to create is still my number one reason for successful art.  I made plans back in May for what I wanted to do in June and I tried my best to stick to it.  I'm happy to say it worked 100%. 

My June Journal Prompts was a success.  The sketch you are looking at today is a re-do of the summer moon girl because I wasn't feelin' the initial painting.  The sketch turned out much better. Click here to see my journey!

Lesson #2:  I need to give myself more time to play with one idea.  My last few sketches gave me so many more ideas.  I want to bring those to life before I move on to new projects.

Lesson #3:  Nature plays a big role in my subject matter.  I want to take note of that because often times I struggle with what to draw and paint.  I really enjoy blending animals and landscapes in my artwork.  What do you like to put in your artwork?

I'm currently reading...How to Show & Sell Your Crafts by Torie Jayne.  I'm trying to learn about more about marketing my work.  Hoping this helps.  If you've read this one please let me know.

Wish list for July: Dylusions Creative Journal (I know it's not new but it's the first time I've seen it at the craft store).  Watercolor Fairy Art is a book I flip through every time I visit the store.  Can't wait to order it!

Major Goals for July: Be more consistent with painting and drawing.   Post art to ETSY & Society6.

Be on the lookout for my new Artist Interview Series.  I have two interviews scheduled in July which will also include giveaways so stay tuned!  Click the link below to join my blog for weekly updates!


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I would like to hear from was June?  Do you have any goals for July?

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  1. Danielle, your drawing is absolutely stunning! I love how the scarf becomes a cocoon for the owl. And the 3 things you learned seem like wise things indeed. I love your #3. Nature plays a big role for me as well. Keep doing what you're doing. You're obviously on the right path. xx

  2. Gorgeous and you certainly know how to amalgamate the animal with the human beautifully!!

  3. Your work is superb. I love how you include animals and nature in your work. I hope to do this more too. This is an interesting and inspiring blog post. xxx

  4. Fabulous drawing, love the included owl.

    Love and hugs

  5. Gorgeous! I totally Love your art, great movement around her and great learning point share too.
    Thank you for linking it up to Show Your Face last week, sorry I'm late coming around to leave some blog love! Thanks for the shout out too. Kx