Friday, October 31, 2014

30 Day Doodle Challenge - Week 2

It's my second week of the 30 Day Doodle Challenge I started last week.  If you didn't see my first post please click here.  I'm finding it a bit easier to sketch each day.  Having my drawing pad out and open all the time reminds me to get at least 20 mins in.

Top left #8 - This drawing is a mix of my imagination and real objects.

Top right #9 - My fav type of shoes are flats.  This sketch was inspired by a blogger I follow.  
Click here to find her (The Ivory Lane).

Bottom left #10 - To be honest I was having a creative block so I just doodled my fav flower - poppies.

#11 - Yeah, so I don't normally draw celebs but this is supposed to be Kerry Washington.  I struggled with this one but I still like the face (even though it doesn't look like her)!

#12 - I don't think I've ever drawn fairy wings but now I want to draw them all the time.

#13 - Fun exercise for layering my drawings.

#14 - I guess dandelions are considered weeds but I love them.

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Novembers topic:  Visual Journaling for Fall

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

30 Day Doodle Challenge - Week 1 Results

Have you seen this challenge?  I found it over on Pinterest.  This 30 day doodle challenge was created by Cate Edwards.  Click her name to visit her flickr page and see her amazing works.

I'm a week in and I wanted to share my progress.  Last month's challenge didn't go as well as I hoped but this month I have a weekly plan and I'm sticking to it.  I know I have at least 20 min to sketch so I turn off the TV and 20 mins quickly becomes and hour.

#1 - The drawing took me a lot longer than 20 mins because I used my large newsprint pad.  

#2 - I had fun with the steam.  I wasn't even sure how to draw it but the more I experimented the closer I got to this organic shape.

#3 - This girl is based off of a Picasso drawing.  

#4 - I can't say that I've ever drawn a cat in detail but I LOVE how she came out!

#5 - The cubes are a good way to warm up if you haven't drawn in a while.

#6 - Seashell from summer vacation.

#7 - Much like the cubes, the loops are good for loosening up.

 If you have done this challenge or plan to do it please let me know in the comments.

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Have a great Friday...the weekend is almost here!