Friday, July 3, 2015

Gelli Print Share: Overcoming Bad Prints

When I first tried Gelli printing I didn't like it.  Everyone was making look so easy but my prints looked like crap!  I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong so I just figured it wasn't for me.

I put my Gelli plate away for about 6 months and even thought about giving it away.  Crazy right! I'm glad I didn't because I now know what I was doing wrong and love making prints.

I decided to start printing with an idea in mind as opposed to just grabbing random stencils from my stash and hoping it would work out.  I drew and cut out a simple bird shape to work from and started layering colors.

I tried to focus on using less paint on my plate.  Lots of layers add depth and interest to the background.  I played with masking and negative space.  Cutting basic shapes from card stock is an easy way to highlight different parts of a print.

Above all I just needed to play and not judge myself so harshly.  I threw on some music and just messed around.

Have you tried Gelli printing or monoprinting?

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  1. SO glad you didn't give it up!!! I am addicted to my plate! And if you get a chance to peek through my blog I have posted links and even tutorials on printing and all the things you can do. The Gelli Arts Blog is a great resource too! Love your papers and art-so keep going:)

  2. I've never tried Gelli painting. It looks great fun.
    Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves... I think it's all about having fun
    Happy PPF to you

    1. You should try it...yeah I have to remember its just paint!

  3. Congrats on being the featured artist this week Danielle and I'm glad you didn't give up as these are beautiful.

  4. Congrats on your transition. You are figuring it out. I am proud of how you are coming along. Very creative. . . I look forward to seeing more. Blessings, Janet PPF

  5. These are wonderful Danielle, and congrats on being the "Star" this week. I will have to try your method, as I too haven't used my plate in forever because it was "just abstract paint"!

  6. This is great. I have a Gelli plate, but want to spend more time with it after seeing this!

  7. Your gelli prints are amazing. So glad you perserevered. I might just try this one day! Happy PPF

  8. Great prints. I love your bird masks. Congrats on being featured at PPF.