Saturday, March 28, 2015

Back Cover Art Joural - Cicada

Thank goodness for Spring.  It seems like everything is waking up.  I finished the back cover this morning.  I go through highs and lows.  Half the time it's like what am I doing and then it's, oh ok I like it now... What do you like most about early spring?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Visual Journal Cover

My journal is almost full.  I have three or four pages I'm still working on.  The back cover is coming along as well.  I'm experimenting with ideas for an upcoming series. 

I like where this is going so you will probably see more work based on winged creatures here on the blog.  Have a great weekend.

Friday, March 13, 2015

30 Day Painting Challenge - Final Week

Well, I made it.  After 101 days of painting I reached the end.  I went over the 30 days a bit, lol.

#25 - My must haves for a good workout.

#26 - Bricks - nice texture study.
How I feel....
  • Adjusted.  Towards the end I nearly stopped painting and blogging altogether.  I was overwhelmed.  It's fine, I'm not a factory pumping out art.  I have my ups and downs.
    • Curious.  I have a desire to find my own style.  I plan to work on a series so I can focus one idea instead of jumping around.
    • Happy.  The list of prompts took the guess work out of what I should do each day.  I like to look back and see my strengths and weaknesses.  

    waterfall art journal painting
    #27 - I have the worst struggle with brown paint.  This took 3 days to figure out.

    #28 - I've been on-line window shopping for chairs lately.

    #29 - Flock - carefree
    What I learned...
    • I need to mix more colors and not use them straight out of the tube. 
    • There is nothing wrong with changing my original idea if it's not working out.
    • I prefer a looser brush stroke. 
    • Creativity needs patience.

    painting of a black girl
    #30  - Can't wait to paint more faces.
    Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement through this challenge!  I'm off to work in my art journal.  Click here to see all previous pages.

    painting of a black girl

    Friday, March 6, 2015

    Altered Clipboards

    Good Morning, last week I put the final touches on two altered projects.  

    altered clipboard

    I used my favorite stencils and mixed media mediums on this one.

    altered clipboard

    I was really just experimenting at first and then I decided to push it as far as I could.

    altered clipboard


    altered clipboard

    The second one I made is more abstract then the first.  I didn't want to be confined.

    altered clipboard

    altered clipboard

    I chose to write "today is a new day" because I want to be able to start fresh each day.


    Both items are now available on my ETSY.  Please hop over and check it out.  
    Hope you have a creative weekend!