Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June Visual Journal Prompt: Week 4 - Flower Child

Good morning friends, today I'm sharing the last installment of my June journal prompts series.  I feel like this process helped me come up with a bunch of new ideas.  I've had some of these girls in my mind for a long time and it's nice to get them on paper.  

When I think of flower child it kinda reminds me of the 70's but I wanted to go a different direction and place her in a field of flowers.  I chose flowers I love and know how to draw which made it fun.

I didn't follow my mood board exactly but it defiantly gave me inspiration through out the drawing.

Although I struggled in a few places and wanted to ball it up and throw it away I kept going and decided to let it be.  I'm going to redo the first girl I started on.  Next month, I plan to add watercolor to some of these so you will see these girls again!

We have so many snails all over the place from the rain so I had to add one in her hair.  If you are new to my blog thank you for stopping by!  I post here weekly so please join if you would like to see more.  Thank you all for your awesome comments and words of encouragement!  I appreciate cha!

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  1. A very beautiful sketch, Danielle, the flowing lines and added flowers give a lovely motion to the image.

    Love and hugs

  2. Gorgeous! I love how your mind works Danielle, thank you so much for linking up on Show Your Face again, it is joy to see what you are up to. Thanks for the shout out too. Kx

  3. I love this face, you make them so sweet and dreamy

  4. Awww another great piece inspired by a moodboard! I so love this idea! It bring a wonderful focus ..,most of the time I had too much inspiration going for one piece ;) She looks so beautiful and I love her long flowing hair!! ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

  5. Your nature girl is beautiful!!!
    The addition of the snail in her hair makes me smile.
    Happy beginning of the weekend to you.