Friday, January 31, 2014

Watercolor Art Journal & Website Button

I'm working in my large Strathmore Watercolor journal.  I drew this last year and forgot about it.  Click the photo below to see the original post and drawings.  I'm slowing down an taking my time in this journal because I really want to work on some canvases this year.  I always say it and never gets it done.  I'm working on three pages at a time and they are coming along well.

I'm using cheap watercolors from Michael's.  They seem to be doing fine.  
I plan to break out my gouache as well.  I love when my desk is messy.  It's a sign of progress.

I finally have a GRAB BUTTON!  I took me forever to figure out how to make it but I was determined.  I have posted it below and on the side bar as well.  I plan on making a new one every month or so.  If you want to make one please watch this video as it was very helpful for me.  Let me know if you have success making one for your blog.

If you would like to display my button on your blog just copy the code below the photo, open add a gadget under your layout, paste into HTML/Java Script and you are done! 

Miss Danielle Renee

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  1. Wow... this is such a beautiful drawing, Danielle.

  2. She looks amazing! I love those birds too.

  3. it's so beautiful already Danielle. I too love a messy desk full of brushes and paints :) I'm only beginning to explore watercoloring thanks to my two online classes.

  4. Lovely art! Cool button! Thanks for stopping by Somewhere to Sketch! ;-)

  5. This one really has a WOW factor! I love the flower, Danielle. So much detail.

  6. I think I have that same cheap watercolor set from Michael's, but mine doesn't have the little cups in the lid. That's handy! Lovely portrait. She reminds me of Ozma from Return to Oz.

  7. Such lovely watercolouring...
    Alison x

  8. Danielle this is a beautiful painting. I am impressed on how her features are so beautiful. Well done.

  9. She's just lovely. I especially like your delicate lines and color choices. I look forward to seeing your faces as the month progresses.