Friday, December 12, 2014

30 Day Painting Challenge - Week 2

I only have three paintings to share this week.  It seems as though the more I paint the longer I spend on each one (part of the reason I'm running behind).  I use reference photos and a bit of my own imagination.

Note:  I clean my workspace after each session so it's easier to come back and paint the next day.  

#6 - Snow scene with birch trees.  The right side is how I keep track of my colors.

#7 - Pink Jellyfish.  I had a question on Facebook about the brushes I used on this painting.

Background - 3/4 in flat brush - 1/2 angled shader brush (to blend colors)
Top of jellyfish - #6 round - 1/2 angled shader brush (for clean edges)
Tentacles - #5 round brush  - #3 liner brush

I use both synthetic and sable hair brushes. 

#8 - Driftwood

The 30 Day Painting Challenge list is in the side bar if you would like to take a go at it.  Click here to see Week 1.  I post everyday on my Tumblr & Instagram.  Use #30daypaintingchallenge if you decide to paint!  If you love to paint please leave my your link down in the comments!


  1. Each one of your paintings are wonderful. I don't think it is a big deal if you miss a few days. The aim is to create regularly. Regardless of how many paintings you complete, you will be much more inspired at the end of these 30 days. I will be visiting :)

  2. Wonderful work! I love how you write down those notes and the colours you used Great reference for later!

  3. You are more disciplined than I am with keeping notes on colour mixing... i am hopeless at that... your work is really lovely and has a lot of personality... very cool...xx

  4. .luv the trees

    Have a nice weekend

    Much love...

  5. Hello Danielle, warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. Your work is beautiful, you are very talented.

  6. I finally found your blog link hahahaha Awesome pages!!

  7. My goodness! I love your work. I love the trees and driftwood. I'm not big on jelly fish but you make it look so beautiful. I like how you've documented your colors, techniques etc. on the opposite page.