Thursday, January 21, 2016

[Video] Paint With Me: Art Collab

Hey Friends,
Late last year, Martha aka Ayala Art and I decided to do an art collab.  If you visit her YouTube channel you will see that she's been doing them for a while now.  We each start a painting and then mail it to one another to finish (and then send it back).

I painted on top her her background and now this painting is ready to go back to Ayala.

I really hope she likes it.

It was relaxing painting her.  Lately, I'm trying my best to go with the flow and not panic when I run into an issue.  I was able to finish the portrait in one afternoon with drying times which is not normal for me.   

Please enjoy my process video.  The process portion got cut a little short because it started to get late but I hope you are inspired.  I talk about what colors I used for her skin and hair.

Click to see part 1

Book mentioned:

Paint mentioned:
Americana Jack-o-lantern
Antique White
Titanium White
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Ceramcoat - Butter Cream
Grumbacher - Raw Umber & Ultramarine Blue

I don't normally use all craft paints but again...I'm just going with the flow!

Hello to my new followers!  I love all the comments and interactions I got from last weeks post.  It feels like we are all on the same wavelength.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Beautiful face. I like her skin tones.
    Happy weekend ♥

  2. Fascinating to watch someone paint at a faster speed. Kind of hypnotic. I like the portrait you did. Very nice. xo

  3. I get a notice every time Ayala posts a video, and I've enjoyed them so much! And lucky you to collaborate with your beautiful work!

  4. Wow! This is amazing! What a lovely idea to collaborate in this way with another artist. xx

  5. Wow, terrific face and features!

  6. She's stunning - such life in her eyes, and such a soft, sweet expression. Beautiful. What an exciting idea to share work this way.
    Alison x