Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Awakening: Mixed Media Art Journal Page

After Inktober I had to reevaluate my artwork.  For a whole week it's like I was in a creative block. I tried to paint and make a video but nothing was coming together.  

Last Sunday my mom and I went for a hike and I took as many photos as I could because I thought it might help me get out of my funk...and it did!

I guess with me working and sketching everyday I ran out of steam.  Fresh air and exercise brought in new inspiration and ideas.

I put together a list of Fall Inspired Creative Prompts for November.  If you need a boost it's here for you to download!

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The first prompt I chose was Awakening.

I have to say that this page is not my normal style.  It's a bit looser and feels a bit more realistic then what I normally do.  But I love the direction my work is headed.

Supplies Used:
Paint: Americana, Craftsmart, Grumbacher acrylic paints
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  1. Love this direction! What is happening over her eye and off to the side (I don't want to name it but let others see what they see) is lovely. Strong.

    1. Thank you! The left eye were just stamps I chose not to paint over. But the painting is open to your interpretation.

  2. Lovely paintings, interesting with the birds and her chest part.

    1. Thank you Viola, I'm glad you like her!

  3. So nice of you to show how you painted her. I love it! :)

  4. This is so super cool! Are you on Periscope? I'm in a group that shores art journal pages. Oh goodness. We would love to have you!!