Monday, June 16, 2014

A Day In The Life - My Day Off

I was off last Thursday and thought I would capture my day in photos.  I tried my best to be productive and relaxed as the same time :)  

8:19am - I start my day with a daily Bible verse from the YouVersion app.  
It's free and I highly recommend it.

8:45am - I'm on YouTube catching up on my subscriptions.  I watched a vid by Mimi Ikonn called "How to Live Your Dream Life" it was such an uplifting video to watch.  Click here to watch.

9:10 - I'm catching morning light in my window.  I use this time to photograph most of my projects.

9:21am to 10:00 - A humid morning walk.  The exercise feels good and I'm blessed to have walking trails near by.  I always stop to take photos.

10:42am - Picking up mom from her doctors appointment.  I love my new Sketchers!

11:07am - We then headed to the mall to pay a bill and window shop.

1:46pm - You know what time it is!!! Michael's dollar spot.  
I picked up some paper straws and washi tape.

3:50pm - Hustling through the crowds at the grocery store for a few items. 
Finally got some cookies and cream ice cream.

11:21pm - Ending the night trying and failing to put together a layout.  I barely had enough energy to clean and brush my teeth.

So, that is what a day off is like for me.  What do you do on a day off?  I would love to hear!

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  1. Great photos capturing your day off - thanks for sharing!
    Alison x